Friday, November 13, 2009

the challenge.....

this all started when eric and myself were drawing and painting the other day and he said that this painting of this octopus and submarine was better than the drawing he did of this hanus 50 year old dood's (named mouse) cat, fingus.... if you know this mouse man, you would already agree with me that just out of context this is a better drawing....... this dood has these pants with this hole in the knee that when he sits down, his whole thigh all the way down to his ankle is exposed..... yeah i know. he even went as far as putting mouse's famous quote on the piece.


eric also fired out this drawing which i think took a very close second......

so now i guess kalen, because he is the only one who actually sees this rubish, will have to let eric know that he won and to collect his teaching position from the arizona state university art department... congratulations!!!!


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